Specialist Steel Fabricators 

Boiler Spares, Mill Components and Power Station Refurbishment

Cairnhill has an extensive knowledge of power station refurbishment.  We manage all requirements with an on time supply and installation.

With the continued rise in energy usage and the limited life expectancy on coal fired and nuclear power stations, we are able to help extend the life of these by assisting in the large overhauls and major structural repairs.

We have completed a large number of BOFA contracts and we are now involved in the conversion from coal to biomass in many power stations worldwide.

Some examples of the contracts we have recently worked on include:-

    • Cockenzie Power Station - Strengthening works, around 50 tons approx.
    • Rugeley Power Station - Frames, Fan support structures, stairs, duct flanges, 200 tons of steelwork.
    • Hunterston Power Station -  Road Plate Installation 41 tons.
    • Ferrybridge Power Station - Chiller Platforms, support steel work, 300 tons total.
    • Drax Power Station - Stool assemblies, ladders, steel supports, Swirlers and Air Barrels. The project consisted of 600 tons.
    • Longannet Power Station - Strengthening rods, yoke protection plates, ladders and platforms, support steelwork. Contract size 600 tons.
    • Didcot Power Station - Steelwork ducting, Inspection doors, air duct damper modules, sidewall and feedwater supports. BOFA Ports.
    • Cottam Power Station - Support Steelwork, pipe support fabrications.Approx size 100 tons.
    • Ratcliffe Power Station - Layer steelwork, Ash Hoppers and Backpass Hoppers.
    • Ironbridge Power Station - Support Steelwork for Biomass Mills, ducting steelwork, PA Cooler Ducts, CA Tube Tips.
    • Vasilikos Power Station (Cyprus) - Fabricated Ventilation Ducts.
    • Castle Peak Power Station (Hong Kong) - Fabricated Core Air Tubes.
    • Langerlo Power Station (Belgium) - Fabricated Spares.
    • Bandel Power Station (India) - Fabricated Burners.
    • Trimble County Power Station (Kentucky, USA) - Transition Pieces.
    • Sines Power Station (Portugal) - Fabricated Burner Components.

    Inlet Banjo Assembly

    Air Swirlers

    Pipe Spools

    Winch Drum